8 Android Programming Most Popular O’Reilly Books

  • Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers
    Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android DevelopersThis cookbook doesn’t just teach you how to build Android apps; it also gives you the recipes you need to build real-world applications. This revised second edition includes new recipes on JSON, material design, and Android Studio IDE. The Android is gradually overtaking the iPhone as the hottest platform in mobile computing.
  • Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide [Read online]
    Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly GuideWhat will you learn from this book. If you have an idea for a killer Android app, this book will help you build your first working application in a jiffy. You’ll learn hands-on how to structure your app, design interfaces, create a database, make your app work on various smartphones and tablets, and much more.
  • Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking [Read online]
    Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power NetworkingWith Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), smart devices are about to become even smarter. You’ll learn useful low-cost tools for developing and testing BLE-enabled mobile apps and embedded firmware and get examples using various development platforms—including iOS and Android for app developers and embedded platforms for product designers and hardware engineers. Understand how data is organized and transferred by BLE devices Explore BLE’s concepts, key limitations, and network topology Dig into the protocol stack to grasp how and why BLE operates Learn how BLE devices discover each other and establish secure connections Set up the tools and infrastructure for BLE application development Get examples for connecting BLE to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and sensors Develop code for a simple device that transmits heart rate data to a mobile device.
  • Embedded Android: Porting, Extending, and Customizing [Read online]
    Embedded Android: Porting, Extending, and CustomizingLooking to port Android to other platforms such as embedded devices. You’ll also discover how Android differs from its Linux roots. Learn about Android’s development model and the hardware you need to run it Get a quick primer on Android internals, including the Linux kernel and Dalvik virtual machine Set up and explore the AOSP without hardware, using a functional emulator image Understand Android’s non-recursive build system, and learn how to make your own modifications Use evaluation boards to prototype your embedded Android system Examine the native user-space, including the root filesystem layout, the adb tool, and Android’s command line Discover how to interact with—and customize—the Android Framework.
  • Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About Code [Read online]
    Becoming a Better Programmer: A Handbook for People Who Care About CodeCode Craft author Pete Goodliffe presents a collection of useful techniques and approaches to the art and craft of programming that will help boost your career and your well-being. Goodliffe presents sound advice that he’s learned in 15 years of professional programming. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a neophyte professional, or a hobbyist, you’ll find valuable tips in five independent categories: Code-level techniques for crafting lines of code, testing, debugging, and coping with complexity Practices, approaches, and attitudes: keep it simple, collaborate well, reuse, and create malleable code Tactics for learning effectively, behaving ethically, finding challenges, and avoiding stagnation Practical ways to complete things: use the right tools, know what “done” looks like, and seek help from colleagues Habits for working well with others, and pursuing development as a social activity.
  • Android: Programming for Developers [Read online]
    Android: Programming for DevelopersThe Android: Programming for Developers course will take you on a journey to become an efficient Android programmer by thoroughly understanding the key concepts of Android programming and develop market-ready applications. The course begins with helping you create Android applications from scratch. The first module, Android Programming for Beginners, introduces you to all the fundamental concepts of programming in an Android context, from the Java basics to working with the Android API.
  • Hacking Android [Read online]
    Hacking AndroidHacking Android is a step-by-step guide that will get you started with Android security. You’ll gain the skills necessary to perform Android application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing and will create an Android pentesting lab. Table of Contents Setting Up the Lab Android Rooting Fundamental Building Blocks of Android Apps Overview of Attacking Android Apps Data Storage and Its Security Server-Side Attacks Client-Side Attacks – Static Analysis Techniques Client-Side Attacks – Dynamic Analysis Techniques Android Malware Attacks on Android Devices.
  • Learning Android Google Maps [Read online]
    Learning Android Google MapsIntegrate Google Maps with your Android application to offer feature-rich and interactive maps About This Book Set up the development environment and obtain the Google API key to create your first map application Create a cutting edge Google maps application by implementing all the concepts learned A step-by-step tutorial guide that is full of pragmatic examples Who This Book Is For If you are an Android developer and want to integrate maps into your application, then this book is definitely for you. This book is intended for novice Android application developers who would like to get up and running with map rich applications using Google Maps. By the end of this book, you will be able to create succinct map applications in Android using Google maps efficiently.

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