Interview with John D Gauchat – Author of HTML5 for Masterminds, 3rd Edition

Hello and welcome to our featured post this week! Today’s featured post is from our interview with a very interesting author, who wrote a very interesting book. His book, HTML5 for Masterminds, 3rd Edition, is one of the best-selling books in CSS, Web Design, and JavaScript category and has been on the best spot as a best-selling book in the main category. Our featured author, John D Gauchat, has written books that are not just interesting but also helpful books may you be a newbie or a professional who is trying to add some more knowledge. One of his book, iOS Apps for Masterminds, 2nd Edition, is also one of the bestselling books in Programming and App Development, Apple Development, and Swift.
Below is John’s interview and as we always say, we don’t want to make introductions long because we want you, our dear readers, to get into the main purpose of this post… to know more about the author and to have an idea how the author’s book will help you. Enjoy reading and please share this with your friends!


Background: Writer / Programmer / Entrepreneur
Favorite gadget: 1985 Color TV that I use to watch old VHS movies
Hobbies: Read books and think about AI and brains


What is your book about, and why should our readers read it?
At the moment, I have published two books, HTML5 for Masterminds and iOS Apps for Masterminds, where I explain how to build websites, web applications, and apps for Apple’s mobile devices. In my books, I try to introduce the technologies going from the most fundamental concepts up to complex topics that are hard to understand for the beginner. They are particularly useful to beginners because the information is presented step-by-step. I never present a concept that was not introduced before, which allows the readers to build their knowledge gradually. It is an approach that not every writer takes, and I think it is what makes my books different.
What, in your opinion, is the current most exciting technological advancement and why?
AR (Augmented Reality). Especially the system introduced by Apple with iOS 11. I’m currently working on a video game for that system, but it is also amazing the possibilities that the technology opens up for applications. The reason why I think it will be huge is that you don’t need any additional device or goggles to take advantage of it, just your cell phone and you are ready to immerse yourself in a new world.
What inspired you to write your book/s?
Several reasons. I wrote HTML5 for Masterminds in 2010 when I first moved to Canada. At that moment I was living in Toronto with a visitor visa. That year I felt in love with the country, but I didn’t fit in any of the categories established by immigrations to apply for a permanent residency. Searching through the options, I found the category “Technical writer” and there was my chance. I had wanted to write a book since at least a decade before that, and now I had a very good reason to do it. The reason why I chose HTML5 has to do with the fact that it was a new technology at the moment, I was already learning about it, and there were no books published on the subject when I began my project.
The book was a success, not only allowed me to get my papers to move to Canada but it also gave me a reputation as a writer because it was published in 7 languages. I made a living with the royalties from that book for the following years, and that is what motivated me to keep going and write a second book, iOS Apps for Masterminds. In this case, the topic was also something I was getting into at the moment, and it felt natural to me. Especially, considering that when I moved to Canada, I exchanged not only cultures but also operative systems. I moved from Windows to OSX, and I loved it. The best decision of my life.
If there’s one chapter in your book people should have read, which one should it be, and why?
In HTML5 for Masterminds, I love the chapter that explains how to create a 3D video game using WebGL and the Three.js library. The book is focused on web development, and that is why I think that chapter expands the world of the readers and shows them that the possibilities on the web are endless. In iOS Apps for Masterminds, I prefer a more technical chapter. After Apple had removed the system that allowed developers to synchronize Core Data with iCloud, there was a long debate about how to connect your app and share the information between devices. In chapter 23, I explain how to use CloudKit for that purpose and, considering the responses I get through social media and emails, it has become the most relevant chapter on that book.
As an author, which book made the most impact on you?
It wasn’t a book but an article. The article Thoughts on Flash, written by Steve Jobs in 2010 was what introduced me to HTML5 and what made me decide to write a book about it. Without that book, I wouldn’t have become a technical writer and without that article, I wouldn’t have written the book. Now, everything seems obvious, but it wasn’t like that a few years ago. Web applications and native apps are now natural, and we couldn’t live without them, but in 2010, just right after the first iPad was launched, things were not so clear, and we had no clue where everything was going. I think that, although he wasn’t always right, he had the clearest vision of the future. The article is still online if you want to read it
If there’s one subject you’d like to see a book about, what would it be?
I’m into AI (Artificial Intelligence), so that’s my topic these days. The book I’d like to read is one that explains how our brain works and how we can finally create a thinking machine. And that’s why I’m working on a book that explains just that 🙂
What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?
I’m a self-published author, not because I don’t get offers from publishers, but because it is more profitable for me. My question to other authors would be: Are you working with a publisher or are you a self-published author? Why?

Sir John D Gauchat is a very friendly person. He’s not just a writer, an entrepreneur, and programmer… he is also a nice and a friendly writer, entrepreneur, and programmer. Sir John gladly gave us some of his time and apologized for the late response, which to us, is not really a problem because we understand that he’s busy and because of that, Sir John, thank you very much for the time and for being so kind to us. We really appreciate the time and the kindness you’ve shown us. More books to you sir!

To our readers, thank you too, for the never-ending support. Please continue supporting us and do share our posts with your friends. Thank you, thank you!

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