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Hello everyone and welcome again, our dear readers! Our featured author today, Yves Hilpisch, wrote “PYTHON FOR FINANCE“. Yves Hilpisch has a Ph. D. in Mathematical Finance and he founded The Python Quants GmbH. He is also a lecturer of Data Science at htw saar University of Applied Sciences. He wrote “PYTHON FOR FINANCE” (our featured book), bestselling book in Python, Finance and Data Modelling & Design; and bestselling books “Derivatives Analytics with Python” and “Listed Volatility & Variance Derivatives“.

Below is our interview with Yves, and we hope that you enjoy reading! Please don’t forget to share this with your friends!


Get to know the Author

Name: Yves Hilpisch
Background: Ph.D. in Mathematical Finance, Founder The Python Quants
Favorite gadget: all things Apple, JBL Bluetooth speakers
Hobbies: Mixed Martial Arts, Running, Chess


What is your book about, and why should our readers read it?

The book is about the use of Python for data analysis and finance. Python has become a key skill in the financial industry. Not knowing Python is a disadvantage these days. Not only in finance.

What, in your opinion, is the current most exciting technological advancement and why?

That we are on the way to a technological singularity, i.e. the existence of an artificial intelligence much more intelligent (better, faster, etc.) than every human being in almost every field. is a good example. TensorFlow as the software for deep learning, tensor processing units (TPUs) as the purpose-build hardware. Such developments will speed up further advances in the field significantly..

What inspired you to write your book/s?

I always loved to to teach and write. And I am quite efficient at it, I think.

If there’s one chapter in your book people should have read, which one should it be, and why?

Most probably the first. To understand the implications of open source and Python on finance is the most important aspect. Everything else is about the details.

As an author, which book made the most impact on you?

Sounds a bit self-centered. But it is probably my Ph.D. thesis. The process of writing and in particular re-writing it — as suggested by my supervisor — had a really strong influence on my thinking about writing “formal” books. Beyond that, I was always inspired by the superbly written and composed books about quantitative finance by Darrell Duffie.

If there’s one subject you’d like to see a book about, what would it be?

There are so many excellent books available these days that this is a hard questions. I’d rather like to see fewer but more thoroughly thought through books published. Here, I am talking about technical and non-fiction books.

What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

What parts of the process do they like and hate most (idea, drafting, re-writing, editing, etc.)? How do they motivate themselves for those parts they hate (if any).


It was funny because when we sent Yves an interview request for Listed Volatility & Variance Derivatives book, we didn’t receive a “yes” right away, but “Why did you pick exactly that one?” instead. He is the author and he knows what book is the best for sharing so we asked him what he would he recommend, and then he said, PYTHON FOR FINANCE is the best one. All of you know, that we, here at Best Programming Books is doing our best in picking the best books for you, but it is the author of the books who can tell you what’s the best. So, if you happen to know any authors, ask them for the best book that they have written, and they will recommend you the best.

To Yves, it is our great honor to have you interviewed at the same time to have you recommend a book for our topic. Thank you very much for the opportunity and for the kindness you showed us. As you mentioned, you do not have a “free time” but you gave us some of your time and we are very grateful for that! Thank you very very much!

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