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Hello everyone! Welcome to another BPB featured post! Today’s featured author is Uday Arumilli, author of SQL the One: Microsoft SQL Server Interview Guide. His book SQL the One: Microsoft SQL Server Interview Guide is one of the best selling books in Computer and Technology category, in top 100 of SQL Server subcategory and top 200 in Databases and Big Data sub-category.

Our humble featured author, Uday Arumilli was born Andhra Pradesh, India. In his interview, you will get to know him more, sor we won’t be making this long and please don’t forget to share this with your friends and check out his book SQL the One: Microsoft SQL Server Interview Guide! Enjoy reading!




Name: Uday Arumilli

Background: I mastered in computer science from Andhra University College of Engineering. I have a decade experience in working with Database Systems and specialized in designing, developing, optimizing and administrating enterprise database solutions using Microsoft SQL Server.

I served for the world class clients that include Microsoft, AT&T, KPMG, Federal Mogul, Thomson Reuters, Canon, NBCU and General Electric etc. I am currently associated with “Genpact” where I have an incredible work experience in architecting Microsoft SQL Server database systems with specific focus on cloud. I am the founder and lead author of the blog http://udayarumilli.com and serving Microsoft community by sharing SQL Server knowledge.

Favourite gadget: Television (TV), I am planning to arrange my home theatre with 70 MM screen, I will do it soon J

Hobbies: Watching Movies (I think it should be in my habit list), Gardening, Blogging, Reading, Writing


What is your book about, and why should our readers read it?

My book “SQL THE ONE” is specially designed for Microsoft SQL Server DBA’s. It covers SQL Server interview questions and answers for a range of DBA’s. We have collected these questions from various SQL Server professionals from their interview experiences and answered in a best possible way. Getting into a new assignment / job is not that easy and before attending an interview / interaction with the client you may need to recollect / review the basics and few complex scenarios from your experience. This book ensures that you can easily review the basics and the real time scenarios faced in administrating Microsoft SQL Server in enterprise environment.

What, in your opinion, is the current most exciting technological advancement and why?

To be more frank I really didn’t see any great inventions that excited me in recent times. We are just seeing the enhancements for the inventions. I agree that the “Cloud Computing”, “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence” are changing the world but do you really find a machine which can compete with the human brain? But yes it might be possible soon as the new technology reducing the thinking capability of a Human Brain by giving a simple/same answer for most of the questions “Go and Google It”. We should focus on inventions that should provide a way to hand off pollution free environment to the next generation.

What inspired you to write your book/s?

I believe teaching is the hardest profession and I love to do it. Coming to this specific book I faced a lot of challenges to get my first job and going through the interview experiences is one of my favourite topics. Also would like to make an impact on Microsoft community by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

If there’s one chapter in your book people should have read, which one should it be, and why?

As an author I hope my readers should read all chaptersJ. Since you are asking I would strongly suggest our readers to go through the chapter “11. SQL Server Performance Tuning”. Optimization is one of the most difficult areas to deal with and “SQL THE ONE” gives you a best experience in understanding Performance Tuning concepts and takes you through real time enterprise environment performance issues and possible solutions.

Q. As an author, which book made the most impact on you?

In fiction I would say “Chetan Bhagat” is my favourite author. But I love to read novels from my mother language, “Gollapudi Maruthi Rao” and “Yandamuri Veerendranath” is the best authors, especially the way of narration takes you through the different world and you would see the magic.

In Non-Fiction “Dennis M. Ritchie” “C Programming” is my first and all-time best till today, when every time you read it you will learn a new thing.

If there’s one subject you’d like to see a book about, what would it be?

“Social Responsibility in Social Media”, It could be great if we can add this subject in academic syllabus for upcoming generations.

What would you like to ask the next author being interviewed?

What are the best comment / feedback you got from your readers?


There we go! To sir Uday Arumilli, sir, thank you very much for your time. Thank you for gladly accepting our interview request and for entertaining us. Again, thank you, thank you very much, sir! To our readers, thank you again for the never ending support.

(Uday Arumilli’s blog and social media links)

Blog: http://udayarumilli.com/

Social: https://twitter.com/udayarumilli



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